Quick Abs in 5 Minutes With Tamara Newell

Quick Abs in 5 Minutes with Tamara Newell

Ab’s are one of the top 3 body parts clients often want to tone up and Pilates is the perfect way to do it.

This equipment free, quick Pilates mat workout targets all your core muscle plus your back extensors.   Your back is often ignored while trying to get the core in shape, yet strengthening and stretching helps you get a lean, balanced and healthy torso.

In the video below, I’ll take you through a complete, quick 5 minute core workout.  Let’s get started!

5 Min Ab Challenge | Pilates Ab Series Workout with Tamara Newell

5 Min Ab Challenge | Pilates Ab Series Workout

Your ab challenge starts with the Classical Pilates Ab Series.  I’ll show you a few modifications while we workout.

For part two, we’ll flip onto our belly and strengthen those back extensors.  I’ll take you through the Pilates mat Swan Prep and Full Swan Extension.  We’ll finish with a few light stretches for the back and core.

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2 thoughts on “Quick Abs in 5 Minutes With Tamara Newell

  1. I look forward to doing this! I really loved Tamara’s pregnancy pilates workouts and her barre workout…I totally could feel the burn on both of these! But best of all, it feels so easy to fit into my busy mama schedule. Thanks for sharing this!

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