Tighten It Up With Bellefit- Review

I am a huge fan of wearing compression undies & belly girdles post baby! I started wearing them after having Emberleigh, my now middle child and I’m not sure how I did without it after having my first child. The worst thing in the world to me is feeling my lack of muscle and loose skin post baby, flopping around and feeling weak when I pick things up. Wearing a belly girdle or postpartum compression underwear helps to make you feel put together, it helps your muscles remember that they were once all put together and that’s what we want, right?

I had the opportunity to do a collaboration with Bellefit and give my very honest opinion about the Bellefit girdle. First and foremost, right before ordering, they had me answer a few questions so that they could be sure to find the right size for you. With all of my measurements and everything, we landed on a size medium. They put in the order and shipped it right away. They say that the sooner that you can start wearing it the better and more affective it will be and I couldn’t agree more.

The quality of the Bellefit girdle is amazing! It beats the ones from motherhood and amazon by like 90% haha. Just like anything clothes related that I receive in the mail, I put this on immediately and was super excited. The fit was incredible and when I put clothes over it you couldn’t even tell that I was wearing a girdle underneath which to me is the biggest thing when wearing one. Want to know the best part?! It has a few hook and eye clips in the crotch area so when you have to go to the bathroom you don’t have to take the whole thing off! (Lifting all the praise )

I wholeheartedly believe and support Bellefit! I feel like it’s well worth spending the money on and would (and have) refer Bellefit to every mommy!

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