The Voice Within You Is Enough

I am on a journey of strengthening my belief that the voice within me is enough! Really when it comes to anything but especially choices we have to make for our kids! No website, book, article, or person can fully prepare you for parenthood. The sheer amount of choices that we have to make for our kids is insane & the pressure to make the right choice can be overwhelming. People don’t talk enough about the importance of listening & believing in the voice within you. The one that guides you, gives you that gut wrenching feeling that something is wrong or off, the one that puts butterflies in your stomach when you feel like something great is about to happen.. That voice! I like to call it my “Knower”. Maybe people don’t talk too much about it because we are all to busy relaying our own opinions or unintentionally throwing our own fears and convictions on others. The world is way to chaotic, opinionated, broken and LOUD for those voices to be louder than your knower. The voice within you is enough! Finding the balance between hearing out with honor what others have to say, their concerns, successes and failures can be challenging because ultimately what works for one may not work for another.. What convicts one set of parents may not even be on the radar for another couple and you know what, that’s ok!! That doesn’t make either party any more right or wrong. Obviously, if there was a right or wrong way to raise children than upon delivering your child they would hand over a guidebook titled “How to not screw up your kid” and it would be way to big for anyone to go through so everyone would be winging it anyways. Its so easy to forget that we have an inner voice inside of us that helps us make the best decision you feel is right for you and your family! That is why strengthening your belief in your knower is so important.

Lets face it.. I WILL MAKE MISTAKES!! YOU my friend… will make mistakes!!  I have to constantly break down that wall of expecting to be the PERFECT mom because the truth is that I have faults and they will see them. We ALL have faults. Its inevitable that my kids will remember me making maybe not the greatest choice I’ve ever made or having a not so awesome moment. Why? Because I’m human!  If there is someone on this earth who has nailed parenthood and every decision they have ever made with their kids was perfect than I want to meet that person haha! I HAVE to believe that the voice within me that helps my husband and I say yes or no to any and all things is enough. I have to go back to my main questions when faced with a challenge, which is: How does it serve me by reading these articles? How does it make me feel after certain conversations? Did that leave me feeling fear, questioning my knower and being weighed down or does it leave me feeling uplifted, encouraged, loved, fine tuned and educated. The latter is the feeling I’m looking for when proceeding in my decision-making. The voice within you is enough!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some good ol’ constructive critisizm and I am in NO WAY saying that you shouldn’t listen to others because it truly takes a village to raise kids! What I am saying is make sure that constructive criticism doesn’t leave you questioning yourself because in the end, the voice within you is enough!

So to the mom who has felt judged, criticized or questioned about your mothering in any way.. THE VOICE WITHIN IS ENOUGH! To the first time mom who is googling up the wazoo and leaves you feeling even more confused.. THE VOICE WITHIN YOU IS ENOUGH! To the Women who just needs to be reminded of the insane amount of wisdom and greatness inside of you.. THE VOICE WITHIN YOU IS ENOUGH!!


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