The Daily Moments

I’m not going to lie, this idea was not my own BUT its genius and also a challenge! So many times over social media we share the clean, perfected, staged version of our lives but not many get to see the “daily moments”. The ones that are full of unfolded laundry, teaching your babies, doing crafts with them, etc. When I started Sparrows Apple I was determined to share those raw moments in my life with you in hopes that there would be a nugget of inspiration or encouragement that you would be able to take away. If nothing else, documenting my daily moments will only help me remember these baby days even more. So without further a due, I welcome you to “The Daily Moments”.


I started out my day feeling super overwhelmed by all of the laundry that we had accumulated. So to combat my feelings.. I completed a workout, made a cup of tea and decided to share the hot mess that is my house because I cant be the only one feeling like this today.. right?! Just in case you were wondering… It actually didn’t take that long for me to put everything away!


After we cleaned the house I was determined to do some type of craft to get them working together and to just be creative. Not only that but I almost never do any type of tedious craft with them since AJ has joined us. As you can see, the girls were eager to get everything out of the box

This Little cute foam gingerbread airstream I quickly learned is definitely more for older kids..  I finally had to resort to giving Haven the job of decorating the little tree and putting the stickers on the people. Meanwhile Ember moved on to…

Playing Doctor!

Then we moved on to some learning and snack time.

Haven is starting to learn her sight words and learning how to spell with Marcopolo World School. We do more stuff with her that doesn’t include screens but to be honest, mama needed a moment. Plus I was prepping their next activity.

Stickers are their favorite! I had Haven spell out ”sticker” with them and Ember just got to be creative with it.

Towards the end of the day we start prepping for daddy to come home. Dinner gets made, the girls play and get all amped up for when he walks through the door. I captured a few sweet moments with Haven and AJ that I HAD to share with you.


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