Road To A Basic Wardrobe Feat. PinkBlush

I’m about to enter you into my new road to a basic wardrobe— are you ready? Capsule clothing is all the rage right now it feels like. I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard the word capsule so much in my life until now! It’s easy to think of a capsule wardrobe as minimalism, which to some degree it could definitely be the case but not all the time! I for one am by no means a minimalist nor a hoarder— So what’s the name for the the person who is in between those two? It’s almost like you’re the ‘middle class’ of society but in a fashion sense.

I’m not going to lie.. Im no Rachel Zoe when it comes to fashion, but what I do know is that I’ve always loved it and will never turn down an opportunity to go shopping. Who DOESN’T like to shop?! Lol

After becoming a mom I struggled HARD with my closet.  Between weight fluctuations, hormonal changes and just straight up not taking time out for myself, I fell into this pit of not knowing what I liked anymore. Has that happended to any one else?! its awful.. That’s when you know that you need to start acting on some major self care, right? I’m happy to report that I am WAY past that stage and now moving towards the stage of capsulizing my wardrobe. Having things in my closet that (as Marie Kondo put it) bring me JOY! Right now I’m focusing on having all of the basics and then build the rest from there.

Welcome to my Road to a Basic Wardrobe.

Talking about basics- I recently received this adorable white button down tie top from PinkBlush and I love it! It’s a basic that can be worn a couple different ways and it pairs really well with, well… almost everything! It’s just the piece I needed to add to my capsule.

Something that I love about any basic clothing is that you can spice it up and make it fun &  sexy or you can just fly under the radar as the cute & simple woman with just a hand of shoes and/or accessories. Here, I paired the tie top with my favorite high waisted jeans to hide the mom pooch a bit and leapord print shoes. I like to think I met somewhere in between sexy and simple just because I put on the sassy red lip!

For size reference on this Tie top from PinkBlush: I am wearing a small. It’s supposed to be more of a loose fitting top so if you like more of a flowy, way oversized look than I would size up.

This post is sponsored by PinkBlush

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