Pregnancy In The Last Days

This is it!! I cant believe it, I am at the end! Officially 39 weeks and I  am feeling all the feels: I’m thankful that this pregnancy has been another healthy one, trying to embrace the fact that this is my last preggo belly but then I’m also feeling very much overweight-bloated-HOT and over it. Does anyone really think about what it will feel like when you’re about to have your last baby the moment that you start your family? I know that I didn’t.. and now here I am! One season is about to end and another is beginning.

I love being pregnant! Feeling the baby move is my favorite, dressing the bump,etc.. but on the other hand I’m so ready to get back into shape and have my body back,  I’m looking forward to enjoying the next phase of life! The reality is that when one season is coming to a close you almost have to grieve it and its a necessary grief because that’s how you can fully embrace the next season. We cant expect to constantly relive the same season over and over, right? Nor do we want to! In this situation if I wanted to constantly relive it then we would end up having a million kids. Haha! Truthfully though, we wouldn’t grow without leaving one season completely behind, holding on to the beautiful memories and looking forward to the memories that soon await us just around the corner. That’s how I feel today as I write this. It’s a bittersweet moment to know that this is the last day with my baby belly, the last night I’ll feel uncomfortable, the last baby I will ever feel moving around and yet tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

Pregnancy in these last days for me have been filled with just trying to spend as much quality time with my babies as possible. Since naps happen rarely around here anyways its easy to to just push through all the tiredness and try to soak up all the girl time with them. Pregnancy in these last days for me have been both wonderful but sometimes grueling with the heat. Most of the time when people ask me how I’m feeling my answer will almost always be “I’d be even better if I wasn’t so hot and swollen.” 🙂

Really though, This pregnancy has been a dream and although this season of my life is coming to a close, I am so grateful to have carried 3 beautiful, healthy babies and have had the easiest, most enjoyable pregnancies that most women don’t get the pleasure of having! I’ve had so much fun blogging and sharing all of the maternity clothes that I’ve received and/or bought from different companies that have helped me dress this ever growing bump along the way! Now my friends, its time for the journey back to my body and mama is ready for it!! The question is… Are YOU ready for it?! I hope so because it’s comin at you ready or not. 🙂

Enjoy your week my friends!!

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