Postpartum Body After Baby {Part 1}

When it comes to postpartum anything there are so many different topics that we can talk about! Today though, I just want to strike up a conversation about the number 1 thing that most women (if not all women) struggle with once that gorgeous baby is out of our belly. What is that you ask?! BODY IMAGE! That postpartum body after baby! That’s right ladies, Lets go ahead and talk about that huge mountain, face it, climb it and walk to the other side of it. I’m not gonna lie.. This was a BEAST for me to get over and if I’m being completely honest with myself, I still haven’t made it to the other side of that mountain but I’m getting there!

When I was pregnant with Haven the whole pregnancy was a dream. For the most part it was easy & I felt beautiful. I had only gained 20 lbs and was feeling like a million $$. Then the labor/delivery came and I struggled HARD. I didn’t really retain much water during my pregnancy but afterwards it was awful. Mainly because I had a very long labor (Story for another day) and they had me on an IV drip for days, then I had a C-section and was bound to my bed most of the time. You guys… by the time i got out of the hospital, no joke, my butt was a for real pancake and everything about my legs took form into the whatever I was sitting on at the time. I all the sudden didn’t recognize my feet, fingers, arms… My legs didn’t fit in anything that I owned so I had to make a target run on the way home and buy a pair of pajama pants that I literally wore everyday. I just remember going to the bathroom and looking at myself naked bawling my eyes out because I had never seen my body like this before! The bloat was out of control, I was in pain, I could already see the loose skin, stretch marks around my belly button, etc. The list goes on. Basically to sum this up, I was extremely self conscious about my body even with my husband and friends constantly reminding me that I just had a baby.

At the time, August was working 2 jobs and only had a few days off so I had no other choice than to jump right back in to life as the new normal almost immediately after coming home from the hospital resulting in a very long recovery. I literally didn’t feel even partially ready to jump back in to working out or doing anything active until around 6 months and even then it was like learning my body all over again. Even though no one really knew, I was super discouraged & maybe even slightly depressed. My post part body after baby was NOT the business. (I know this sounds kind of negative so far but I promise you it gets better. Sometimes talking about the real things doesn’t always sound victorious…) At some point I caught some type of stride and started loosing the baby weight. My goal was to be back at a decent weight lbs wise before we started trying again. It took me a while but eventually I got there!

2 Weeks Postpartum with Haven

Now lets talk about baby #2- As soon as I found out we were expecting I set it in my heart that this time I was going to embrace every part of my body changes, ask for help, and have fun watching what my body can do because our bodies are AMAZING and can truly do some incredible things. Thankfully, the delivery the second time around was much more pleasant, the recovery was much easier, and August had an amazing amount of paternity leave..It was great! I gained just about the same amount the second time around as I did the first, so there wasn’t much difference there. A few months postpartum I sought out help from my girl, Brianna, who helped me out TREMENDOUSLY. She created a meal plan for me that would help me not only loose baby weight but it also helped me maintain if not also increase my milk supply, which was my concern and struggle after I had Haven. I was so much more confident this time around. 1 year later and I’m not exactly where I want to be but I’m headed there and giving myself tons of grace throughout my process!

What a difference right?! I feel like the hardest thing to conquer in postpartum after baby is your mentality. It’s hard to remind yourself that you were just carrying & nurturing a growing child for 9 months. Why do we expect our bodies to just adjust back to normal almost immediately after birth? It’s also hard when you see some people walk out of the hospital looking like they legit never just popped out a child! LOL! Then again, it’s all in our mentality! We are all DIFFERENT!! Our bodies don’t react the same way. Heck…our bodies don’t even react the same sometimes to each pregnancy.

SO.. Here is my T.O.D {Tip Of the Day}- Give yourself GRACE, GRACE and more GRACE in your postpartum journey! When you look at that mountain, visualize the victory on the other side of it no matter how long it takes you. No one is putting a time constraint on when you need to be “in shape” except for you! I’ts great to have goals, in fact I highly encourage you to have goals, but not if they are unrealistic and they are at the expense of happiness or self worth. 🙂


PS. As always- please feel free to leave comments, encouraging words and/or your postpartum journey below! I’d love to hear from y’all!!





2 thoughts on “Postpartum Body After Baby {Part 1}

  1. You are amazing. Knowing what you went through with Haven, you are a superhero to birth all over again with Emberleigh. Regarding my body… I have no words for the challenges, disappointments and flat out “don’t look at my own body in the mirror” moments I have on an almost daily basis. Having my one and only little one at 40 years of age has taken it’s toll on my body. Still trying to figure out , now at 45 years old, how to change, yet accept how my body looks when the changes I would like aren’t realistic without buckets of money laying around. Lol This is a hard one for me… dont even no where to start.

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