Top 6 ways to Overcome The Stay At Home Mom Blues

Let’s get real… Being a stay at home mom isn’t always cupcakes & rainbows, Arts & Crafts, I just hang with my kids all day amazingness. The truth is, at least for me, The “Stay At Home Mom Blues” is a thing! As amazing as it is being a stay at home mom, it’s quite possibly one of  the hardest jobs I’ve ever had + also one of the most emotionally exhausting! Of course we could talk about all of the fun + amazing things that staying at home with your littles brings but then we wouldn’t be truthful to the Stay At Home Mom Blues that we also face and how we can conquer them, right?! By no means do I have it all down! In fact, I believe that as our girls get older and the more children we have I’m constantly having to change things around, think differently and give myself grace in different areas.

So here are my top 6 ways to overcome the Stay At Home Mom Blues:

  1. GET YOUR BUTT OUTSIDE- There is nothing more refreshing for the stay at home mom mind more than getting out of your environment, smelling the fresh air and enjoying nature. Sometimes being cooped up in the house even without kids is depressing let alone with kids. This gives you a perfect opportunity to teach your kids about nature, insects, exercise or even just to play on the playground and expel some of that never-ending energy that they seem to all have! The benefits of stepping outside your home doors are endless really…
  2. WHAT’S YOUR LOVE LANGUAGE- Here’s the deal… Everyone as a different way of giving and receiving love and  when  you become a mom I swear it forever changes! For example: I used to be 1) Quality Time 2) Physical Touch (BK- Before Kids) but now after having had children my #1 stays the same but my secondary is always different on the weekly basis. I’m not so much physical touch anymore because I’m being touched all day long. That physical touch tank is more than full. Sometimes when I’m having a moment of the stay at home mom blues I stop to think what my secondary love language is at that very moment and more often than not it’s something that I’m lacking in. {If you have never heard of the 5 love languages than do not skip a beat! click HERE and purchase the book. It’ll change your life forever, I promise!}
  3. EXERCISE- This is one that I feel like the majority of mothers struggle with. One being because of “time”. Ladies…When you have kids, when is it EVER convenient to do anything for yourself? Do you really have “time” to eat? Sleep? Binge watch fixer upper? Have uninterrupted Sex? (Thats right, I just went there!) The answer is… a -big-fat-NO!! No you don’t, but I am a huge believer that you will make time for anything you truly value and/or believe in. With that being said, I know that it’s extremely difficult to workout with your children, however, I also know the extreme benefits that come out of exercise when I push myself to do it. Not only does it help you reach physical goals but it’s a stress reliever! Many people instantly associate working out with cardio & weights, Thankfully,  there are so many more options out there for you. Lets help you find one that best suits you, your lifestyle and one that you can connect most with. We will  be exploring different workouts and ways to workout with your children up on the blog so keep a look out for those blog posts! I’d love to you have join me.
  4. MUSIC/PODCASTS- Music is everything for me! It’s what gives me a sense of calm, a few moments to escape… I don’t have to think, I can sing along or not and it just does something for my heart. Podcasts …. I really only like on days when I haven’t been overly talked to if you know what I mean. {haha} Sometimes being a stay at home mom, the last thing I want is to listen to in the background is someone speaking when literally from sun up to sun down I’ve had to listen and respond back to little voices. For me, that’s a lot of chatter and I just need some instruments hitting these ears of mine even if there is a screaming baby in the car while driving! It’s almost like the music helps me tune everything else out for a minute and helps me center. My personal fav would have to be this killer couple right here! {Johnnyswim}
  5. COMMUNITY- Okay.. This is a HUGE one for me! Being surrounded by people who love me no matter what, support me, challenge me in times when I need to be challenged, can hear me out on days when I just need to vent, etc. Not ONE PERSON needs to go a day in their life without.. COMMUNITY! Stay at home mom or not, do not lie to yourself, you absolutely need genuine people around you to do life with. When I need a moment to myself or a date night, they pitch in to help. When I feel alone and need some adult interaction they are there. You guys… If you haven’t found your tribe of people who you can trust, rely on, do life with– than I urge you to make this one of your main focus’. Whether you are single or married everyone needs some type of community (and I’m not just talking about your spouse or significant other although that is magnificent too). I really can’t stress that enough! -GO FIND YOUR TRIBE-
  6. LAUGHTER- Laughter can pull me out of almost any and all stay at home mom blues. It helps that I’m married to an actor who always has something on hand he can say to me that’ll make me laugh or even semi laugh. Really though, laughter is one of the best medicines. Even after a long rough day with the girls, if I’m feeling down I will make it a point to not do anything else after they go to bed and maybe start watching a comedy movie that’ll make me laugh or something that’ll help me smile.

I hope that these ‘Top 6 ways to overcome the Stay At Home Mom Blues’ help you and maybe puts some extra tools in your mommy needs tool belt! As always, please feel free to leave some comments + share ideas of what helps you overcome the stay at home mom blues! We always love to hear from our Sparrow’s Apple community!






3 thoughts on “Top 6 ways to Overcome The Stay At Home Mom Blues

  1. Girlfriend…love the practical applications…and of course love YOU even more. Oh so very proud. I am a subscriber for life!!

  2. Yes! These are all so on point! I never really think of listening to podcasts and when I finally do it’s such a breath of fresh air for me. As well as exercise. And community. All. Of. The. Above. !!!

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