One Last Hoorah!!

My husband and I have never taken a babymoon until now! Crazy right?! I would always see people going on these awesome trips and think “Man… We need to do that!” Well… I’m proud to say that we set out a time for my mom to come down and watch the girls for a couple of nights and we FINALLY did it!!!  We celebrated our baby making phase with one last Hoorah in Santa Monica and it was glorious!!

When you have kids, especially more than one and you get a chance to experience silence or uninterrupted sleep, it feels like the largest gift anyone could ever give you! I could take as many quiet showers as I wanted.. I could go to bed late, sleep in, walk out of the hotel room dressed and ready to go within minutes! I mean, you guys… it was only 2 days but it was pretty amazing!

One of the things I have always wanted to do but for one reason or another we’ve never made it happen, was to ride a bike along the water. Since we had no kids, tons of time and we could fully enjoy ourselves, we decided to do it and watch the sun go down while riding. At this stage in pregnancy, I wanted the most comfortable outfit to ride in, so naturally, I wore my favorite dress to date from Shop Pink Blush! I’m not kidding… This halter dress is a dream for all expecting mothers and to be quite honest, It’s not leaving my closet after this belly is gone. I couldn’t have chosen a better outfit to wear to give me all the airflow I needed. It was perfect for being on the beach and it just looks so stinking cute on!!

Dress Details here.

What I love about this striped halter dress is the fact that it looks super adorable with some cute white tennis shoes! I never thought I would say this but wearing heels in this stage of pregnancy does NOT sound appealing to me. Not even my small heeled clogs!! I think its mainly because of the heat because my feet and legs swell within minutes of being outside on the daily. So buh-bye heels and hello tennis shoes! If you’re pregnant and looking for a great comfy dress to get you through till the end, definitely Shop PinkBlush!

Needless to say that even though our baby moon was only 2 days, it was wonderfully uninterrupted, peaceful and fun! All the things you can ever hope for to celebrate one last hoorah, right?! We came back home to hug our sweet babes fully ready to kick our booties back into full gear and are now 100% ready for this little mans arrival, or at least we are as soon as my bags are packed! Eek!

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