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I can’t believe we are already 2 weeks into the new year! This post is coming to you a little later than I had anticipated but it’s still super relevant and a fun, extremely easy, affordable DIY project that I call the “Blessing List”!

Have you ever found yourself at the end of the year saying “What DID happen this year?!”. I feel you… that literally happens to my husband and I every year & I’m determined to stop that cycle! Usually the first things that comes to mind are all of the things that were not as great and then following those thoughts are maybe a few great things that happened during the year but I can never remember all of them. Going into 2018, I wanted my family to record ALL of the blessings that will happen! From small victories like- Haven did a hand stand on her own to August booked a regular on a TV series.. Whatever the victory.. big or small, I want it to be in our faces on the daily so we can be constantly reminded of our forward movement this year, hence the reason for the Blessing List.

||Here is your quick DIY project for this month||


Supplies you will need: Easel Roll ($5.99), Rope ($1.49), Command wall hangers($3.29) & of course a marker


Total: $10.77

Step 1: Cut rope into 3 even long strands. For my first one, I stranded it through the easel roll and figured out how long I wanted it then cut the rest according to that one strand.

Step 2: Pull the 3 strands of rope through he easel roll meeting the ends evenly at the top and make a knot right above the roll leaving you with about 8-10 inches of rope to braid.

Step 3: Braid the excess rope available and tie a knot at the end.

Step 4: loop the braid over meeting the first knot you made in the very beginning & use some loose strands (if you have anymore) to tie around that main knot.

Step 5: Place your Command Strip wherever your Blessing List will be

Step 6: Hang your easel roll and roll it out

Step 7: Write Away!!!!

Super easy and cheap, right?! We can’t wait to fill this up. Who knows, maybe by the end of the year we will have gone through the whole easel role. 🙂  I hope that you find the time to add a Blessing list to your home!

Enjoy!! <3 Ashleigh

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