My Pregnancy Truth

Everyone has a pregnancy truth, right? Im about to get real honest with you but before I do let me start off by saying that i’ve always been one who has enjoyed being pregnant. I know that some if not most women loathe it.. but I legitimately find so much beauty in it! A lot of that comes from the fact that I have had fairly easy pregnancies with little to no sickness just a LOT of tiredness that almost never lets up. Trust me, I am forever grateful for that and will literally be putting easy pregnancies on my list of “Thank you’s” to Jesus when I go to heaven! haha

This pregnancy is trending to be equally the same as my last 2 but heres my pregnancy truth… I’m showing WAY faster this time around than I was with the others. If I am being super honest with you.. That has been such a hurdle to jump over mentally! {Before I proceed in my truth.. I should say that I don’t need an “aww Ashleigh, you look great! Don’t worry about it” talk. Although those are WONDERFUL and I could take compliments all day long.. the truth is that it ultimately is a shift in my mentality and that comes with work on my end. I will survive! Its just another mountain I obviously need to conquer and guess what? I will!! First step to conquering anything is recognizing it and nipping it in the butt.} So here I am, welcoming you into my mental process of embracing ALL of the changes that baby #3 is bringing me: The good, the bad and the ugly in hopes that it encourages other mamas struggling with the same thing during or even after your pregnancy! I promise you, I will never leave out or sugar coat anything in this process.


Here’s to following me on my baby #3 Pregnancy journey, are you ready for this?! 🙂


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