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In the past month and a half – I have used a few items from brands that I’ve collaborated with that have made my transition to a 3rd baby so much easier. They are so awesome that I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t create a “Mommy Must Have” list. Some of these items I’m not even sure how I survived without with my other 2. Y’all know that I keep it real around here so I’m going to just put it out there now that although these are collaborations – I’ve personally reached out to all of these brands and 100% believe in them and use them!! Are you ready for my mommy must have list!?


In the past I have had: The ergo baby, lile’ baby & the moby wrap and non of them have compared to this carrier for the newborn phase. I SWEAR by the nesting days carrier.  If you follow me on social media (which I hope you do!) than you know how obsessed I am with this carrier. I probably talk about it on the weekly. AJ is always so cozy in there and almost always falls in to a deep sleep while I’m wearing him. I love it because its worn like a shirt (it is a shirt, haha) so therefore you never have to take it off. You can do skin to skin without revealing yourself, there isn’t yards and yards of fabric to have to figure out how to wrap yourself before even putting the baby in. This carrier is life!! To give them even more points, they offer a men’s carrier as well that is equally just as amazing as the women’s. As if all of that weren’t already so awesome, one of my absolute favorite things about this company is the family that runs it. Julie, The owner & creator is quite possibly one of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking and working with. They are passionate about their product (as they should be) and truly believe in their product! If I could choose only one thing for a mom to splurge on I might put this one on the top of the list because of how much it has made the transition to a 3rd child that much easier!



The Mumbelli is one of the softest beds I’ve ever felt. Literally when I received it I immediately wanted one for myself. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel all super nestled in?! Okay, maybe as an adult you might not want that but for a newborn… YES! They hands down want that because that’s all they have ever known. It’s great because its adjustable in length so it can grow with your baby and it has a little pillow that you can tuck underneath the bottom of the pad so that they can lay in a bit of an incline. The bed is super light, comes with a bag and travels amazingly.



Okay… I’m not sure there is a better unisex diaper bag out there! When this arrived to our door my husband, August, literally said “this is mine when we are done with the diaper bag phase”. Even when he is wearing it out with the babe people think its his backpack and not a diaper bag. Now that is the type of bag that I feel every couple should have! Ladies… don’t let your man sport a bag that looks all fru fru! Find something that is gender neutral and something that your significant other feels confident wearing. This is another one of those companies that I love not only because of the product but because of the people behind the product. Citi babies is owned my Maria, who is a WORKING mama doing this as her passion side hustle! WHAT?! So amazing!!! Seriously, its such an incredible bag. If you’d like to read my full review and thoughts you can head to my blog post here!



My other 2 babies weren’t really big on pacifiers but something told me that this little boy would be. With that being said – I wanted to have a pacifier that was eco friendly and looked no further than to the ecopiggy ecopacifier. It was the first pacifier that we used in the hospital and he latched onto it so well! The ecopacifier is plastic free, bra free and is made out of natural rubber. Another benefit to this pacifier is that it actually stays in his mouth. Imagine that! If you’re in the market for a great paci – than check out Ecopiggy for sure.



Okay, have you seen the cute prints that Milkmaid goods comes up with?! These swaddles are so soft and adorable – every baby has to have one! Plus they sell them as sets AND you can even purchase a matching robe! HI.. count me in on all the comfy, cozy cute things for my son. Need I say anything more…?


There are a million great products out there for newborns, I just wanted to share the few that I have fallen in love with and use almost religiously. Feel free to share products you’ve used that have made your life a bit easier.



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