When Our Love Story Began…

You are about to be invited into the most epic love stories ever. Although, I think that everyone thinks that their love story is awesome so i’ll just draft ours into the epic love story book along side everyone else’s. Who knew that May 7, 2010 would mark the beginning of when our love story began?! I know one thing is for sure, I had NO clue!

First off, I want to start out by saying that I was in a place of contentment in my young 21 year old life. I was never into the dating scene. As a matter of fact, I would always get teased my whole life that I was too picky when it came to a future spouse and that I would never fins someone who would fit my list of must haves. Still, I stuck to my guns and never dated around because I personally felt like it was a waste of my time and the other persons time if I knew right off that bat that I couldn’t see myself being with this person. I also oddly enough always got turned off by being overly pursued by men, it always felt super overwhelming, pushy and fake. Again, this was just a personal thing. I am in NO WAY saying that the dating scene shouldn’t exist.. it just wasn’t for me and I 100% embraced that.

When I had met August he was a true gentlemen and really kind of business like. When he got my number he asked for it exactly like this “I don’t even have your INFORMATION.” I thought, “information? ok, he’s definitely not trying to pick me up!” So the obvious choice was to give him my cell phone number and work email right?! haha I still laugh at that. Even when he texted or called me I never got the impression that he was trying to hit on me, I legitimately roped him into the friend zone right along with all of my other guy friends until that one day… May 7, 2010.. I still remember so vividly standing in my kitchen wearing my favorite Hollister jeans and orange tank top with a white tank underneath, my hair was super curly then and was worn in a side pony that day. I was doing something at the kitchen counter when he called and asked me if I was hungry because he had just gotten off of work and wanted to hang out with someone. (Sly move- yet again, riding under the radar in the pursuit of wanting to get to know me more.) I immediately said “yea, sure, where should I meet you?” He proceeded by asking me if I liked mediterranean food and that he would swoop me up from my house. The minute I hung up the phone I literally said to myself.. “Why did I just say yes to dinner? I JUST ate!!” But of course I just shrugged my shoulders and went with it. When he got to my house he knocked on my door, My dad answered and they immediately hit it off talking about the sports jacket that August was wearing. My dad is heavily into menswear and oddly enough, so is August. (Check #1 on my want list- Be able to connect with my dad on some level because he’s a hard one to connect to on a personal level.) So we all chatted a bit and headed out to go eat or try to eat Mediterranean.

So here I am sitting at the table with this man who I really had just met maybe a week prior, still no clue that he even had the slightest bit of interest in me until he had asked me what I was passionate about. I listed off a the top things that I was passionate about and his response to that was “A woman after my own heart!” as he leans back in his chair with a smile. It wasn’t until that moment that I knew he was interested in me and that this was actually a DATE! Shortly after that moment was when I almost zoned out for a second and said to myself  “OH. MY. GOD… I am sitting at a table with the man I am going to be spending the rest of my life with.” You guys, people talk about how you can have moments like that and I wouldn’t say that I never believed it…but I’m not sure I could wrap my head around how you could just know in an instant until it happened to me! I literally just just knew! Like it was an unwavering, no questions asked, The light bulb just went off and is shining bright, this guy is everything I had been praying for since I knew how to pray, I can’t believe this is happening to me moment. Of course I DID NOT share this with him and was just as calm, cool and collected as I was when our date first started when I was completely oblivious so he had no idea. That night we were the last people out of the restaurant. It felt like we were in some sort of a bubble and we finally stepped out of it and realized.. oh , No one is in here anymore and everyone is cleaning up! lol We left there and continued talked for another few hours. By the time he dropped me off it was probably around 1am. I wanted so badly to wake my mom up and tell her all about my night but I settled for just jumping up and down in my room (literally) in pure J O Y that I had just met my future husband! You can only imagine how much sleep I got that night. 🙂 The next morning August text me and asked me how my night was, to which I replied that I didn’t sleep to much. Just from that response he knew that I was into him! I can’t make this stuff up y’all.

This day 8 years ago changed my life! Meeting August was literally one of the biggest enhancements to life that God has given me. So we celebrate this day because it was the day that started our journey, Its the day that I was reminded that God knows the desire of my heart and heard all of my prayers & in spite of all of the jokes that were thrown at me for years about how my standards were too high and unrealistic he decided to gift me with exactly what I wanted in a spouse and more.

So if you’re single, I am here to tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE! Know what you’re looking for and be unwavering in it so that when it comes you’ll never have to question if this is it. If you’re already in a relationship: Dating, engaged or married.. CELEBRATE!! Love deserves to be celebrated and I don’t know about you but I am a firm believer that celebration is one of many things that helps keep love alive!

Cheers to all you lovers out there!!

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