Let’s Talk Diaper Bags

Okay, Let’s talk diaper bags, shall we! If you’re anything like me than you want a diaper bag that can serve multiple purposes and doesn’t scream “oh, hey! I’m a DIAPER BAG!!” I love a diaper bag that can go with most of my closet seeing as I am the one who is going to be sporting it most of the time and for a good while it’ll replace my purse. I also feel like there is nothing wrong with having multiple diaper bags! Maybe one that is a bit more on the girly, classier end and then one that has a bit more of a masculine flare to it for August. After I had Emberleigh my best friend gave me an adorable Kate Spade diaper bag which I loved but quickly realized that when August was on daddy duty he didn’t really want to have to carry around a black and white polka dotted bag forcing me to look for something a but more neutral to accommodate moments like that. This time around I knew exactly what I wanted so I am going to share with you 2 of my favorites that I have for baby boy that I feel like are the perfect diaper bags for all occasions and for both you and your spouse! We cant leave the men out can we?!

I recently received the Citi Navigator from Citi Babies and I LOVE it! Its super light weight, has multiple compartments for not just your babies things but also has a very much padded area that could fit a laptop or an IPad. I was especially excited about the design as was my husband. This backpack is so perfect for him to wear when he is out with the babe without cramping his style! It has a really nice masculine touch to it and looks super contemporary. Right up August’s alley!! The Citi Navigator from citi babies is obviously perfect for your man but is also great to use when you’re traveling, taking your babes to the zoo, hiking, etc. Anything that gets you a bit more dressed down, this diaper bag pairs well with! So basically, your day to day grind. We have ours in the heather brown color and its beautiful. Super understated and perfect for any outfit! I also want to point out that this diaper bag WILL NOT break the bank!!! Can I get an AMEN!!!! We are actually going to start out using this backpack, I have packed all of the babies essentials for the hospital which I will share in another blog post but it can definitely hold quite a few things in it and the bag itself is light so you don’t have to worry about the weight after everything is packed.

So if you’re in the market for an affordable, sturdy, good looking diaper backpack pack than head on over to www.citibabies.com to preorder yours today! Just be aware.. Your husband may or may not be claiming this backpack as his own once the baby phase is over.

The second one I bought and it was my very first purchase for the baby (cough cough… for me!) the Freshly picked diaper back pack in ebony black. Y’all now that I had to have this!! It’s so classic and certainly does not look like its a diaper bag! This thing is made SO WELL you guys and its just the right size. You can also change it to become a big purse which is nice. We will get tons of use out of this beauty! However, I will say that this diaper bag, unlike the Citi Navigator, is definitely more on the pricey end.

There you have it! My 2 Diaper bags of choice to use for baby boy and I am pretty excited to use them.

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