Lassig Bag – Review

You know the saying “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend”? Well— In my case “Bags Are A Girls Best Friend”! This Lassig green label diaper bag is speaking all of my handbag love languages. I’m not sure that there is one box that is unchecked when it comes to all of the things that a bag needs for me to use it more than once. Allow me to share with you all the amazing qualities of this bag.


Honestly, I’m not sure photos can do this bag justice. It’s beautiful! The fabric on the outside is nice and thick but really soft. The logo details are extremely subtle. The bag is made really well in that I dont feel like I can’t put too many things in it because it might not hold up.


If you have been following me for a while than you would know that I LOVE to have options and/or a few ways to wear one thing. The Lassig Diaper bag has that quality! It felt like Christmas with the amount of strap options I was pulling out when I first got it.


Even though I try to not carry my entire house in my diaper bag, I do love a good bag with a ton of space. Again— Lassig wins in this area. In fact, they give you so many pockets (options) to hide things in discreetly, its amazing!!

Lastly, The bonus of this bag that 100% takes the cake is the fact that it’s ECO-friendly!! So if you are an Eco-friendly conscious person than this Lassig Green Label Diaper Bag is for you!


**This post is Sponsored but all opionions are my own**

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