How to Pack A Hospital Bag For Your Husband

The past 2 times I think I failed my Husband in this department. Now I know exactly how to pack a hospital bag for your husband, Especially if you know that your stay after birth will be a few days. So I’m here to share all the good deets with you!

My husband, August, is convinced that after a wife gives birth the husband experiences some type of chemical imbalance that causes them to be super tired and leaves them with a ton of cravings that they MUST satisfy. (Cue the rolling of the eyes! Lol) Let me give you a little bit of a back story! With our first daughter he sort of gets a pass because we both didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. Active labor lasted for days… we were all tired, yet somehow, August got way more sleep than myself & my doula and it was still hard to get him it out of the bed after Haven was born haha!! I give him a pass though because it was very, VERY long and exhausting. If I had the opportunity to sleep I would’ve too. BUT THEN came our second daughter who was a scheduled c-section. You guys… I kid you not, August packed his resistance bands in with rest of our things because he was determined in his mind beforehand that things were going to be different. Therefore, My expectation was so much higher! I was excited that at least one of our energy levels would be up and that one of us would be extremely mobile. Fast forward to the second day in the hospital… Let’s just say no one ever even saw those resistance bands and I had to call his name a few times to wake him up! By NO means saying that my husband wasn’t helpful because he was, I just had to adjust my expectations of him. I never even considered that he might be going through a change too or feeling something that he wasn’t sharing. Talking it through after the fact, he expressed that he felt like he couldn’t leave me and being in the hospital room 24/7 made him a bit depressed which then resulted in a ton of sleep and indulging in all kinds of unhealthy things.

What can you do to help your man be the most successful, energetic and helpful partner during your hospital stay so that you don’t have to experience the.. What do we even call this? Post Partum man depression?! Lol

A) Have a chat with your significant other BEFOREHAND and give him permission to walk around outside, get some fresh air & sun, grab a healthy snack and then come back to you in the room recharged so that he can be 100% there for you and isn’t riding the struggle bus!

B) Hook a brotha up in his hospital bag!! If your anything like me than you like to try to cover all of the little details that your husband probably wont think of but are necessities, right?! Here are a few essentials I have packed for August:

  • Disposable Toothebrush/ toothebrush cap/ Onguard travel toothepaste
  • Flushable wipes
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Loofa
  • Deodarant
  • Pajamas
  • Clothes
  • Resistance bands
  • Kind bars/ granola/ Chomp Sticks: Our hospital is right in front of a Ralph’s so I’m not going to pack too many snacks seeing as he can walk over and grab some fruit and other things.
  • Water
  • Starbucks Double Shot Espresso
  • Flip flops

When August and I relive those days in the hospital, thankfully, we are able to just laugh about it because it was slightly ridiculous but also.. its real life! Knowing that this has happened twice we now have to be more intentional about it not happening again so that he can better assist me!

My hope is that you get a good laugh out of our own personal experience but also that you feel better equipped for preparing your spouse for your new upcoming arrival and aware of the Post Partum Man Depression that can occur!

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