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This is the number one topic of discussion when anyone finds out that they are expecting, right? If you’re anything like my husband and I than this was a huge topic of discussion way before you were even expecting. It has always been super important to us that our kids’ names embody who we feel like they are as a person. Some people have asked us what our process was so I thought I would share the way that we named our kids. However, I should add that for every family it may be different! There is no ABC guide to “How to name your baby”.

As a parent, I feel that this is one of the biggest responsibilities we have been given… To name a human being! A name that they will carry for the rest of their lives, a name that they will more than likely morphe into. Isn’t that crazy!?! We get the privilege of giving THAT name. No pressure, right?! So how do you name your baby? Like I said, there isn’t really a how to guide.. but maybe some of the ways we named our babies will help you in your process of finding a name.

Each child was different for us but I will say that naming our son was THE hardest! First off, Before my husbands dad past away he had shared with August his thoughts on how many kids we were going to have and what their personalities were going to be like. He thought that we were going to have 2 boys and possibly 1 girl. Though he had the genders mixed around, he most certainly got their characteristics spot on! Everything that he thought the first 2 “boys” were going to be like, the girls absolutely have those personalities. The only thing he was unsure about what the 3rd child. I think that because we had some type of incling as to what our first 2 kids were going to be like it made it a bit easier to name the girls. Their names felt like them from day 1! Then came AJ and we were at a loss!

August, naturally wanted to name his son after him but my entire pregnancy when I would refer to him in my mind as an “August” it didn’t feel like his identity. Especially because with the name August came all of my husbands nicknames that he went by as well and as cute as they all are it still felt like my husbands identity, not my sons. Meanwhile, I was just trying to fish for anything that I was feeling while pregnant with him. I tried to be super in tune with certain emotions I would feel.. I came to the conclusion that I was WAY more emotional with this pregnancy! This pregnancy healed some areas in me that made me shut down emotionally, likely stemming from Haven’s birth. This pregnancy was chill and brought me a sense of calm. I wasn’t stressing out about much like I was with the others.  All of those things, I believe, have something to do with the characteristics of your baby! So with that being said, I like to make sure that my child’s name reflects those characteristics.

Long story short, With a lot of conversations, we landed on August Kellen James Coryell.

August means- majestic, prosperous

Kellen- Powerful in battle

James- Doesn’t have a crazy meaning but its my maiden last name and I wanted to pay some homage to my dad seeing as we don’t have any brothers to carry on the name. 🙂

All of these meanings sum up all of the things I was feeling while being pregnant with him. We settled on calling him AJ because its a nickname that is his own. It felt like his name and something that he could go by for the rest of his life if he wanted to or, if at some point, he wants to go by August then we will call him that.

Honestly, No one can really give you a step by step guide as to “How to Name Your Baby”. People can only share with you their process in how they named their child! So I would say to the soon to be mom who is having trouble finding a name, start by paying extra attention to your emotions during this pregnancy that make you different from how you normally are and/or how you’ve been during other pregnancies. You never know, You might connect a name to all of those swirly hormonal emotions that you have and it just might feel like that is the perfect name for your child.

Happy naming your world changer babies!!

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