Girl, Wash Your Face – Show Up For Yourself

To sum up this chapter in one short sentence I’d say: Show up for yourself! I’m going to go ahead and tie this chapter right on in to my new stats for my nutrition challenge with insideoutfit_nutrition because getting healthier and reaching your goals requires you to show up for yourself in a big way!

I wish that I could say that Ive kept every commitment I’ve ever made to myself… but the truth is that I haven’t! There have been more times than I’m willing to admit that I have told myself that I’m going to  do something and then a week or 2 later I crumble and that “thing” gets pushed aside. Rachel nailed the title for this chapter “I’ll do it tomorrow..” because i can recall plenty of moments when i have used those exact words pushing aside the things i promised myself that i would do! One thing leads to another and “I’ll do it tomorrow” turns into basically never doing it OR half-assing it.

I connect this to health and weight loss because how many of us can relate to the start Getting healthier and reaching for your goals rhand stop health journey?! How many of us can relate to having a sugar addiction, saying we are going to cut out sugar only to then give in to sugar the first week or 2 so then we decide to just fizzle out that promise to ourselves completely?! I’ve done it my friends… I’ve done it so many times! The reality is that I’m only breaking promises to myself. In this chapter, Rachel talks about when you make a new goal your mind will automatically reach for your highest training. So if I’ve only made it without sugar for 3 days than i know that I can at least do 3 days without. But how about exceeding that? I think it’s definitely mind over matter but I also believe that it has a lot to do with self love. If a loved one was trying to reach a new goal I would check up on them, be with them if they needed company and never cancel or be late because I would see it as very important. While I was reading this chapter though I was like, why don’t I do that for myself? I’m just as important as my loved one! In fact.. I’m even. Ore important because what use am i to them if i don’t take care of myself?! Literally, mid read I was like “gosh dang it Ashleigh, Show up for yourself!

So here is how I’m showing up for myself in this fitness challenge with insideoutfit_nutrition.

1) I’m going to start working out at LEAST 2-3 times a week. No matter the time, if I’m said I have plans to workout and it’s written in my agenda. I Will Work Out!!!

2) upping my water intake! I will complete a whole cup of water before eating anything in the morning. I’m just going to start there because that is a huge accomplishment for me. So when I make my new goal my mind will automatically reach for its highest training and I’ll know that I can exceed that!

How are you showing up for yourself today?! Have you joined us on the fitness journey yet!? If not, head over to ,u friend Brianna’s insta page @insideoutfit_nutrition and get started TODAY!

Here are my current stats:

Waist- 35 1/4

RT/LT Thigh- 23.5

Arms- 11


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