Girl, Wash Your Face Ch.1

I am so excited to dive in to “Girl, Wash Your Face with you! For every chapter that we read I’m going to open up about some personal things that had crossed my mind while reading it. Feel free to share your thoughts about the chapter in the comments below and we can laugh, maybe even cry together as we get one page closer to realizing just how amazing we truly are and becoming the best version of us that we can be! Are you ready for this, because I am!!

The Lie..

This chapter hit so many deep places in me.. growing up I was QUEEN comparison. When I think back on it now and compare (no pun intended) myself to who I am today, its mind blowing. Im such a different person in all the best ways. Just to give  you an idea of how much of a queen I was — I would compare myself to my sister: Why is she thinner than I am, Why am I taller than her.. I would compare myself to my friends, TV actors.. Heck I would even compare myself to MY MOM!!! Basically, I was a train wreck who tried to pretend like I had it all together when I was outside of my home because that’s what I thought we had to do and typically I would choose to compare myself to someone on their best day. It never even crossed my mind that they could maybe have an off day or that they weren’t perfect.

Here’s a story for you.. when I was younger I was friends with this girl in youth group (Where all the emotions fly sky high) who I thought was perrrrrrfect! She was cute, all the guys thought she was hot and to top it off I literally NEVER saw her upset. You guys.. every time I was around her I was always super annoyed. Not because I didn’t like her but because she was just.. happy— all the time, I had the hardest time wrapping my head around that! When I got older I realized that the reason why I was so upset every time I would see her was because I felt the exact opposite. I wasn’t truly happy. In fact, half of the time I was pretending to be someone who I wasn’t which is a BIG reason why I wasn’t happy. I was playing a person who I thought people wanted to see and be around. How did that work out for me you ask? Well.. it worked out until it didn’t, haha!  It wasn’t until I went into ministry school after graduating high school that I really embraced the saying “You are the only person who can control your thoughts, feelings and actions.” Boy was that season of my life HARD! Let me tell you.. diving in deep into all the hard things in your life isn’t fun, but boy is it so necessary!

Comparison is one of my biggest struggles even to this day— but one thing that I feel like I have owned is the fact that no matter where I am, no matter what I’m doing, I am in charge of my own happiness! I love how Rachel says “Moving doesn’t change who you are. it only changes the view outside your window. You must CHOOSE to be happy, grateful, and fulfilled. If you make that choice every single day, regardless of where you are or what’s happening, you will be happy.

Here’s how I take a step off the comparison bus anytime I find myself stepping back in it:

1) Sharing with friends or family

When I share with my husband or some friends areas that I’m struggling in, they will always first remind me of who I am! Hearing from an outside perspective of someone who loves you how they see you is encouraging! It’s a reminder that I’m not a failure or any less than.

2) I get face to face with my reason behind WHY I’m comparing myself.

Its not enough to just step off the comparison bus because you feel better in that moment. I want to know all of the reasons why my first reaction towards something is ‘comparison’. When I can fully understand that about myself than I dont need #1 nearly as much because I can recognize it and step off of that bus before I have even found myself all the way in it.

What is that “Lie” in your life that you have been believing? How do you deal with the comparison bus?!

I hope that you are enjoying this book just as much as I am!! Its only the first chapter y’all and its already SO good — mainly because I love talking about the nitty gritty of life.


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