Finding Your Why by Savannah Evans

I used to think focusing on my health and fitness was a selfish and vain thing, but I now realize it is one of the most selfless things you can do. Don’t get me wrong, I think an unhealthy obsession is possible like it is with anything in life. That was me in my high school and college years – I strived to LOOK skinny and that was it. I didn’t really care about if my body was actually healthy or not.

When I became pregnant, suddenly life became so much more than how I looked or even how I felt. My life was no longer just my own. This little baby in my belly was depending on me and I wanted to be there for her. That is what drove me into researching nutrition and fitness. I realize that we can’t control everything in life, but I decided I wanted to do everything I COULD do to live a long, healthy and thriving life.

As a mom or any busy person, it can be really challenging to find that time to exercise, that time to meal prep, etc. Sometimes it’s way easier to go through the Chic-fil-A drive thru– and hey, sometimes that is exactly what needs to happen! I am still not perfect – I don’t always get to my workout, I don’t always eat perfectly clean, but I focus on making small changes, realizing they will build up into a big lifestyle change.

What might that look like for you? Maybe it’s turning on a 15 minute HIIT workout on Youtube. Maybe it’s joining friends for a weekly Yoga class. Maybe it’s saving those Chic-fil-A drive thru’s for the weekends and choosing to eat more vegetables than you did before. Whatever it is for you, my encouragement is to not strive for perfection, but for progress. When it is getting challenging or you feel like you’ve failed because you ate chocolate cake for breakfast, choose to remember WHY health is important to you. Look at the little faces looking up to you and remind yourself that taking time for your health is important, not only for you but also for those who love and need you.


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