EShakti Dress Review

EShakti has proven to be a pretty fun company to order from! They make you feel like you’re sort of designing a piece specifically just for you! EShakti is known for customizing each piece to & for YOU! For every item you order you can change the sleeves, collar, length and so much more. I kinda wish that was an option everywhere! So naturally, because I’m on the taller end, I became a fan of EShakti  even before getting the product.

The dress I chose didn’t really need much finagling as far as the collar and sleeves but I did make sure that it was going to be floor length just the way I wanted it. When I received the package to try on I was pleasantly surprised that it was the PERFECT length! As a woman who is  5’8” and can never find the right length in most things, I was pretty excited!

I love the dress and it is made really well, however I will say that’s it is on the rather hot side so i won’t be wearing this in the middle of summer in other words BUT it is great for spring maybe beginning summer.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with EShakti! If you’re looking for pieces that fit you perfectly, check them out! The options are endless and they always have new pieces launching.

*This is item was gifted*

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