Date On A Dime: Date 1

I think that many of us would love to have a weekly awesome date, where money is no issue, right?! Truth be told.. whose life is that? haha while there may be some out there who can make that awesomeness happen every week or month, theres a big majority of us couples who unfortunately just do not have the budget for that. Add childcare to that too if you have littles and you can just forget about it! So I am here to share with you some of our date on a dime ideas.

I don’t know about you but I grew up with it modeled to me that dates happened when the bank account was on the higher end and you could pull off some fine dining, a brand new outfit, etc. Because of that dates were extremely rare! When I got older and started dating my now husband, I realized.. Im a huge quality time person! If the only quality time that I get to spend with the love of my life is when we can most afford it than my relationship is not only going to suffer but my love language is going to start feeling super neglected. I think it was then that I realized that dates don’t have to look like how it was originally modeled to me. Dates don’t have to mean $$$… It does however mean that you have to be more INTENTIONAL and CREATIVE.

Don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE an extravagant date night! I love to dress up and get all sexy, go to a really nice dinner, see a movie or maybe just sit and drink cocktails enjoying each others company the rest of the night but thats not always realistic. We have to budget for a date like that and I’m just trying to get regular time with my man! Ya know?! Im not trying to wait for my bank account to tell me when I can spend some quality time with my husband!! So I wanted to share with you our most recent affordable (to us) date. Mind you, even this might be a little much for some but I will definitely be sharing some other dates that cost even less than this if any cost at all in some other blog posts.

The most expensive part about this date was lunch. Again, this might not be in your budget and thats OK! you don’t have to eat lunch out. This is a date on a dime so don’t be ashamed to just make a lunch and bring it to a park!! Heck, that might be even more romantic. Use this meal as your special treat day and go to your favorite burger place. (Our burger place of choice would either be between the Habit or In-n-out) on this date in particular we decided we wanted to try a new to us restaurant on Ventura Blvd called On The Thirty and Oh. My. Goodness… It did not disappoint!!! The truffle fries… we literally had to force ourselves to stop eating them because they were pretty dangerous. My pregnant self couldn’t handle all of the goodness.

It was so good that I forgot to take a photo of my meal because I just couldn’t wait.. So this is a random photo of someone else’s plate off of yelp with the same thing that I had. YUMMMY is an understatement for real!

Okay, back down off of food land. The next thing we did after lunch was head to The Getty Museum which is, you only have to pay for parking which is $15 from open to 3pm and then its $10. We were kind of riding the late train that day and got there right at 3 so we paid $10 for parking and while in the museum we got a coffee because it was pretty chilly out and we started going downhill after that lunch. Tired eyes were happening! (And all the parents say, AMEN!) All in all I think we spent around $15 with parking and coffee’s, not bad right?

And… that’s IT!!! DATE ON A DIME COMPLETE! Quality time was had, bellies were full, good food + coffee were consumed and we still had the night to spend with our girls. Easy right?!

So get out there and have yourself a good time with your significant other!!!






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