The Daily Moments: 4/4/19

Its been awhile since I’ve posted daily moments! Getting in the habit of leaving the camera out and being intentional about snapping photos frequently throughout the day is something I have to train myself to be part of our weekly routine. I love capturing the mundane moments, the ones that people rarely see, the kids harassing each other. These are the moments i want to remember always! I hope that you enjoy our daily moments this week.

I just started sharing my makeup routine on the weekly with my favorite brand of makeup, MASKCARA. The girls love to put it on and play with all of my stuff and then started pulling out my old makeup that I was going to throw away. Now I’m thinking I should keep it for play.

The face of someone who doesn’t want to clean up their room…

How’s it goin’ for you Haven?!

From cleaning her room to harassing her brother

This faaaace!

Emmy legit lives in this Elsa costume on the daily. She was showin AJ her tap dance here.

Also, I never want to forget the constant nursing moments on the floor.

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