Daily Moments- 2/27/19

It’s been a while since I’ve laid the camera out and to be honest… I had to force myself to do it this week because I’m still getting back into the groove of life after having the worst round of colds hitting our household and even then… I felt sort of uninspired by our daily life. Is it even worth taking photos of? Is it even worth sharing? I mean, honestly.. the reason why I love the daily moments is because of how real and not perfect they are… The whole point is to remember how precious my daily moments are and MAYBE just maybe, it will spark something in someone else. So.. here it is— Our Daily moments.

1) First off, This little guy turned 6 months old the other day— Secondly, I finally decided to stop being in denial and buy him the larger sized bed because lets face it… We make some pretty long babies and he is probably our longest.

2) Playing on the floor with him is the best! And I’m pretty sure that this photo needs to be framed because I want to cherish it forever.

3) Lunch time with the princess and the goofball. Haha

4) Time spent with chalk would definitely not be spent correctly without getting it all over the place, right?!

5) Channeling her inner artist— you will soon see what she was drawing in her mind.

6) Meanwhile— Haven is trying to protect her art from her sister who is trying to destroy it. Lol She is actually really phenomenal at drawing all the things.

7) Annnnnd she is demonstrating what her monster that she drew does.

8) She has one goal… The monster must destroy her sisters mermaid

9) All done mommy!

10) Eyeing her masterpiece

11) I had a little assistant helping me with my Cassava flour crust quiche.

I hope you enjoyed our daily moments!

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