The Daily Moments- 1/23/19

You know those days when there seems to be more demand and your energy just doesn’t seem to match?! That was me yesterday! At the end of the night though, when all the kids were down for the count, I was looking back at the photos I had snapped of the day— as exhausted as I was I thought to myself.. “They had SO much fun today!!”.  We spent hours playing, got a nap in (well 2 of them did anyways) they had a bit of screen time, played again and then went to bed. Such a great day! Enjoy our daily moments.

1) It all started with the excitement for a morning waffle! (FYI- we tried a new brand of waffles made with Cassava flour by a brand called Kitchfix. They were surpringly really good! Kind of like a smaller Belgian waffle consistency)

2) A little bit of play time for AJ in his new play center by Oribel

3) Heading out the door with a bag of snacks for the car ofcourse.

The question is… are they fighting here or are they playing?! you decide, I wont spoil it with the truth! Lol

4) A little joy ride while the other 2 take a nap. 

5) The face of a little girl who is V excited to play at her favorite play spot, The green Chataeu 

6) We spent a few hours at this sweet spot and they were enjoying every moment. 

Even AJ was lovin’ it! 

Then theres Emberleigh and her love for the slides

7) After a few hours of playing— Let’s be honest, mama was tired. soooo I busted out the pads at home. I needed some down time!

8) Ended the day kissing on this guy before his nap time and our night routine.

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