The Daily Moments- 1/15/19

We are trying to get in the habit of starting our day with the girls getting dressed right after breakfast. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. One things for sure is that Emberleigh will always be up for getting dressed and often is the one who initiates it, picks out what she wants to wear and if you know anything about this little girl, you know that she must put on everything HERSELF! It pains us sometimes to watch her all frustrated because she cant get something on but still doesn’t want help or when shes putting something on wrong but doesn’t want the correction. She is by far our most independent, stubborn but oh so sweet child! So here is a sweet little glimpse into our day.

  It literally takes her 5 minutes to put on her socks but boy is she so proud of herself when she finally gets them both on! So proud in fact,  she decided to do a little dance and a few “Model Poses” for me.

I forgot to mention that the pink Hunter boots must go with EVERY outfit, rain or shine!


This one would live in her PJ’s or princess dress’ all day if you let her. That huge mountain at the foot of Embers bed is in fact.. all princess dress’s! Yep, your eyes are not failing you… We need a rack, desperately.

This is the attempt to do a bit of homeschool and cleaning at the same time. We dont have a kitchen table so we do homeschool work anywhere on the floor in the house right now.

Then ofcourse we play some odd game of the spider catches the fairies. That is until someone gets injured by the wooden wand that Havens holding.

Nap break for this guy. I have a really hard time getting him to go down on his own in his crib because of the girls so most of the time we have to wear him in order for his naps to happen. Thank GOD for carriers like Sakura Bloom.

My dinner making buddy giving me all the flirtatious looks with those dreamy eyes of his.

The progression to bed time is always a bit interesting..

The princess giving us a demonstration on how she will hold AJ.

Time for some bedtime stories! Each of the girls got to choose a book for daddy to read.

One of my favorite shots of the whole day right there. 🙂


I hope you enjoyed our daily moments this week! Stay tuned for more.

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