Christmas Time Is Here

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Christmas is here!! It may not feel like it in LA but—it’s definitely here. Decorating for Christmas is one of my absolute favorite things to do. My goal every year is to make my home a place of warmth and joy from the moment you step foot at the door. I love decorating for every season but there’s just something extra special that comes with decorating for Christmas. Maybe it’s the fact that it comes with all the cozy feelings and things? Like watching a movie or better yet… enjoying all the decorations around us while playing a fun game, doing crafts, making something sweet and sipping on hot cocoa.

I wish I could invite you all over to our little humble abode for some hot cocoa or coffee while we enjoy the simple Christmas bliss.. but I suppose I’ll just have to settle for just sharing with you here as I sip on my cup of jo from this morning (which is now turning into a cold afternoon cup).

Usually I like to have way more going on at my front door but this year there was something about this Christmas mat  after purchasing it that drew me to the simple things. The smell of pine at the door might be one of my favorites! I don’t usually do real anything for Christmas decor. I’m typically a faux kind of a girl so… here’s to hoping that I don’t kill the wreath and the poinsettias that I got from Trader Joe’s. Cost breakdown below:

Mat: $12.99 (world market)

Buckets: $.99 (purchased at the 99c store)

pointsettias and wreath: $5.99 & $12.99 (Local Trader Joe’s)

Faux Christmas berries: $6.00 (purchased at Target)

Christmas Bow: $5.00 (purchased at Target)

I had to dress my fiddle leaf fig tree with some lights because.. why not?! They might even just stay there throughout the year! I also couldn’t resist swooping this branch tree up from Target to hang our holiday cards on. It’s cute as is but it’ll be fun displaying cards and possibly the girls art work on it. The banner and the faux garland I’ve had for a few years now so I just dress up my diy wall hanging with it. 
Since we have a new addition this year who needed a stocking I ofcourse had to share it with you! AJ’s stocking was also purchased at Target!
Lastly, I swooped up some fun crafts for the girls to do every day for some busy work. They have been loving all of them. Their favorite part is the fact that they can hang them on the tree when they are done. Scored all of the crafts at hobby lobby for 50% off!! 

I hope your Home feels just as cozy as ours and that you are soaking up all of the sweet traditions with your family. I know that we are!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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