Top 2 Hardest Things Since Becoming A Mom of 3

I get asked a lot what its like since becoming a mom of 3— usually my response is “It’s beautifully crazy and oddly enough its easier than I had imagined it would be but also really exhausting”. If that sounds like a whirlwind and a mouthful, that’s because it is. I just try to fit all the things into one sentence and call it quits because who has time to go into detail about all the transitions one is faced with when adding another child to the mix?! The truth is, I have 2 amazing little girls who happen to really love their brother so much and fight more over who gets to hold him or help him. Thank GOD!! I would much rather have this problem than a jealousy issue. I recognize that for some, this may not be your story.. You may have a jealousy issue happening in your home and if that’s the case, I am cheering you on my friend!! You are my hero.

I’m going to be really honest here and tell you that for me, the  HARDEST thing since becoming a mom of 3 babies is A) Not looking like a total disaster from the moment you get up and B) getting out of the house!! It’s the getting everyone dressed, grab all the snacks, diapers, change of clothes, etc. I’m honestly lucky if I get out of the house by noon, without the help of my husband ofcourse. So then because you’ve been running with your head cut off all morning, your teeth aren’t brushed, hair isn’t done— all the sudden its noon and you still look like you just woke up. Meanwhile, everyone else looks awesome!

Here’s the first step to overcoming the newly mom of 3, morning disaster, who just wants to look cute but be cozy.. BUY A NEW PAJAMA SET!!! I swear it changes everything. I recently just got this heather grey pajama set from PinkBlush and they have changed my life. They are currently out of stock but they have plenty of other amazing PJ options here.I now run around my house knowing that at least what I’m wearing is cute and cozy so if all else fails… maybe ill just throw on a solid top, a cute jacket and a hat & head on out the door! You may be laughing.. but.. I actually did do that and I got a compliment on my “Jogger pants”. If that’s not a mom win than I dont know what else is! So that’s step 1. Buy new pajamas PS. These ones in particular work really well for maternity too and feel like I’m wearing a cozy blanket!

Step 2.. well, I’m still figuring this one out on days when August is working mornings. It definitely helps to have things prepped the night before if I know that we have a busy day the next day but I would also be lying if I didn’t say that most of the time I’m just ready to go to bed by the time my kids have finally fallen asleep. Plus, AJ (The newest of the Coryell crew) is just now starting to settle into a groove 3 months in so I think that will help out a lot more with the flow of how everything goes in the morning. Regardless of systems though.. I feel like if you are riding solo and trying to get anywhere out of the house with 3 babies 4 and under— its a challenge, but a challenge we were obviously willing to take on nonetheless.

If you are anything like me— than those morning that you are running around with your head cut off like a chicken, you will try to take a pause.. look at all the mess and noise around you and just take it all in because your have a house full of life. If all else fails.. Guess what?! At least you’ll have some really cute PinkBlush pajamas on that can totally pass as joggers, right?!

This post is sponsored by PinkBlush but all thoughts are my own! 🙂

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