About Sparrow’s Apple

Sparrow’s Apple  is simply a blog created for women to gain INSPIRATION, be ENCOURAGED and to have the reassurance that you are NOT alone! Sparrow’s Apple is here to give you the tools you may need to DREAM again and not just dream but to actually go for it. Its a platform to have real talk about life + not just what we see on social media. Sparrow’s Apple came from personal experiences of finding myself again after having kids. It came from many conversations with friends, family and strangers that helped me realize there is so much that happens when you become a parent: Emotionally, Physically, Mentally, CREATIVELY.. the list goes on. How often do you hear a person’s struggles or wins in their most raw state? My goal is to give you something that you can relate to and know that you are not alone while reminding us moms and ALL women just how STRONG & AMAZING we are even in the midst of our not so awesome moments!

So.. why the Sparrow? I felt like the Sparrow was a perfect example of what a woman is to the home:

“The Sparrow is ever vigilant in her goal. She is always bustling for her food,

foraging for her nests that she builds in foundations, and gathering for her young.

The Sparrow are easily forgotten because they are ever present in front of your home.

They are Fastidious and productive and are a reminder that the idle hands

and minds should be avoided to live a full healthy life!”

Apple: We all have that one person/persons in our home or in our lives who we consider to be “The Apple Of My Eye”. For me.. this is my husband and my Kids. Who is yours?

We hope that you get out of Sparrow’s Apple all that is has to offer. If you’d like to connect, work with me, be a sponsor, collaborate or have topics you’d like to hear or even you yourself would like to blog about, Lets chat!