A Year of Firsts

Emberleigh Grace is officially O N E!! It seems like yesterday that we were just at the hospital preparing for her arrival and holding her little 7 lb self. Now she has 6 teeth, crawls and gets into everything, dances to any and every beat she hears, smiles and laughs at everything but her sister being all up in her business and brings joy to every room she goes in. She is such a delight in our little family and might be one of the easiest babies I’ve ever seen!

It’s crazy how even a year of firsts still pertains to the second child for the parents! There have been so many things that Emberleigh does that Haven never did so it feels like we are treading new territory all over again. As much as its been a year of firsts for Ember its been a year of firsts for August + I too. No one can prepare you for having a second child.. No one can ever prepare you enough for any child never mind just a second {haha}. I’m a strong believer of “learn as you go”. As a single woman or even married with no kids I had this idea of what motherhood would be like, how I would discipline my children, how they would be so perfect in public (Let’s all laugh out loud together). Tell me I’m not the only one who thought those things in your life BK “before kids”?! Admit it… We have all thought some crazy unrealistic thought. Even though I have stayed true to some of those things like: Discipline, which is a huge topic for me because of how much it effects you as an adult. That’s a topic for another day! ­čÖé I think we can all agree that motherhood changes you in so many ways! Your thoughts, perspectives, motives… EVERYTHING! You can just throw away that BK mindset because as soon as you meet your baby #1 and get to know their personality all of your ideas may or may not work on that little one and you know what… That is OKAY!!! Then once you feel like you’ve gotten the hang of having 1 and you want to have another you yet again face the “Year Of Firsts” all over again! It’s such a wild, crazy but amazing journey becoming parents isn’t it?

So here is my T.O.D “Tip Of the Day”- Throw away those unrealistic expectations of parenthood that either yourself or other people put on you, but hold on to the ones that stay true to your beliefs. Embrace the “Year Of Firsts” with each child and nurture each personality like there is no one else on the earth like it (because there isn’t!). Let the year of firsts not only grow your child but let it also change YOU, GROW you, CHALLENGE you because it will & in the end you get to celebrate one whole year of change. One whole year of climbing up a mountain with 2 babies┬ánot knowing what you were going to face and you made it. One whole year of experiencing another tiny human adapt and grow to the world around them!

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