How To Create A Command Center On A Budget

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Who doesn’t like executing an idea that you have in your mind on a small budget, especially if its going to help the functionality of your home. Thats why I decided to do a “How to create a command center on a budget”! Whenever I am decorating/designing/crafting, etc. I always try to stay within some type of a budget. Why? Because I feel that a lot of times its not worth spending an arm & a leg on something that I can either do myself or find at another store at a cheaper price. You just have to broaden your horizons a bit. Does that mean more work? Not always.. Take for example, this command center. I had every intention to make my own calendar board, pin board and chalkboard but at the end of the day I actually found a better deal!

Lets tackle what a command center even is..In my words: A command center is a centralized place in your home where every family member can see any order of business pertaining to your home life. Theres really no one way to execute it. You put up on the command center wall whatever best suites your family and your needs. For me, the calendar was the main thing. Our schedules are always so crazy (especially my husbands) so its helpful for me to see a visual of just the important things that are happening that week and the weeks to come. We are also starting Haven on a homeschool preschool program called The Peaceful Preschool , so I wanted to create a great space for her to be excited about learning, displaying her hard work and a place to store whats coming up the next day. We are all visual learners in this house so the more we can see and do the better we are.

Here’s how to create a command center on a budget:

  1. Decide on the things that you want to display on the wall that will ultimately help you run your household more smooth. These are the things I felt I needed for this season in our life right now..
    • Calendar
    • Chalkboard
    • Some type of a basket
    • pin board
    • desk
    • storage
  2. Find the perfect space in your home for that command center and then start SHOPPING!!
    • I found our desk on the Facebook market for $20! It has a few little imperfections but nothing I can’t cover up or fix.
    • Homegoods is a perfect place to shop when you’re on a budget! This is where I found my pin board, calendar, filing basket + chalkboard. Originally, I had every intention to make my own calendar by buying a thrifted picture frame + skinny black marker tape (Find Here). After walking through home goods though, I found exactly what I needed for just $9.99! So I tossed my original miniature DIY project and opted for the already done just because the prices were so good.
    • The chair I also found on the Facebook Market. If you don’t know what that is, its like a craigslist on Facebook.
    • All of the bins and accessories came from IKEA. Super cheap!

Thats it!! Its so simple and honestly it was really fun. Took me about a week to accomplish and get it all set up + now its rockin’ & rollin’. Havens favorite place in the house to create is at this desk and I love that.

If you decide on doing your own ‘Command Center’, send us some photos! We would love to see it.



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  1. Ummmmmm… when are you in Vegas again so you can help me follow through on this great idea? Lol. I love your craftiness but you know me, not really my thing…

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