5 Holiday Traditions I can’t live without

Who doesn’t love some good ol’ Family holiday traditions that get carried on throughout the years? To think that you could start a tradition in your family that has a strong possibility of surviving decades in the family line blows my mind! Growing up my family didn’t really have to many traditions but the ones we did have I hold really dear to my heart. Seeing as its the first week of christmas season I figured that I would conjure up my top 5 Holiday traditions I can’t live without!



This is one of the holiday traditions that I am just starting in my own little family. Even before August and I started having kids this was something I insisted that we do. First off, I love taking family photos because it allows you to: a)Have an excuse to buy cute clothes, b)Have some fun family time and lastly c) Capture the ever growing faces of your little ones each year. Those are moments you’ll never get back! I like to think that by people receiving our christmas card, seeing the joy in our expression + the love in our eyes it in return brings Joy and love into their home and its not just another card placed of the fridge. Photo credit: Norina Leyde


 This holiday tradition started when I was little. Every year my mom would take us girls out to this store called Paddock (which I don’t even think they are in business anymore) which was technically a pool & spa store but they had INCREDIBLE christmas decor when November/December came around. So we would go there to pick out our ornament for the year, something that was symbolic of the year that we just had. To this day I could pick up most of those ornaments and remember why I picked them out. So naturally after years of us doing this my moms tree is packed with ornaments and it is beautiful!! Its a conversation starter. No 1 ornament is the same as the other, they are all unique and have a story behind them and thats why I love this tradition so much. Of course when you move away from home and you start your own family you have no choice but to start from scratch, right? So we started this tradition the first year of our marriage and have continued on to this day. Now the girls look forward to picking out their individual ornaments for the year. Our “go to” for ornaments is hands down Cost plus. They are always so beautiful, unique and affordable.

Emberleigh’s ornament this year is a cute little dog because she is currently obsessed with “Goggie’s”  She points them out wherever we are and if its a stuffed dog than she MUST hold it! 

Haven’s ornament is a ballerina. This girl LOVES to dance + will be a fairy ballerina any chance that she gets.


I cannot get myself to put up the christmas tree until after Thanksgiving! Another holiday tradition that my mom started was turning over the sweet fall decorations to christmas decor the morning after Thanksgiving with my sister and I. No matter what time of the day it was we all did it together while dancing and blasting christmas music throughout the house (Shout out to N’sync’s christmas album for contributing to some of my fondest holiday memories haha). We adore Christmas + all its beauty, the joy it brings +the memories it gives so we like to soak it all in for as long as we can! I have rolled this holiday tradition right on in to my little family and let me tell you… Haven gets SO excited every year to take out all the christmas decor and help us decorate the house. Emberleigh doesn’t quite get it yet but she definitely loved getting into all of our fragile ornaments! That little rugrat haha. I have a strong feeling that she will love it just as much as the rest of us within the next year or so.



I mean, who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls?! The sweet smell that fills your home when they are in the oven teasing your tastebuds because they aren’t ready to be eaten yet.. the cream cheese frosting.. You guys, I’m literally drooling over here! We started this holiday tradition in our first year of marriage because we share a mutual love for cinnamon rolls and Christmas so clearly they should be put together then, right?! Now that we have kids its even more fun because Haven loves to “help” me make the dough, which really means.. make a huge mess but it is really fun! We prep them on christmas eve and then that way you can easily pop them in the oven Christmas day and fill your home with the ultimate sweet christmas aroma. Your tastebuds will definitely be in full christmas cheer mode!


This might be one of my favorite holiday traditions that my husband and I have started. Each year we write down a list of things that we would like to see come to pass in the approaching new year. We roll the paper up and we stick it in a designated ornament. If you are just starting out than obviously you won’t have anything  to read from the year that is passing. This is a fun way for August and I to really reach for dreams, gain prospective and for us, truly see how God honors the desire of our hearts. I love sitting down with August each year both reading what we wrote last year and also making a new list for the year to come.

Thanks to Hearth & Hand with Magnolia for supplying us with out new designated ornament! {Shop here} for this ornament


I LOVE traditions both new + old! They spice up a holiday and make it that much more special. Maybe some of our family holiday traditions will strike a chord for you and you’ll want to incorporate that into your own little family! Please share with us if you do adopt some of our family holiday traditions or if you have some of your own we would love to hear them!

Merry Christmas!!




2 thoughts on “5 Holiday Traditions I can’t live without

  1. I just love your ornament tradition! What a great way to reflect on memories of years’ past. I may just have to take that tradition for my own! We also began some traditions both after we got married and since having kids. Celebrating St. Nick’s day every December 6th, and honoring the man Saint Nicholas once was is something we really enjoy (and what kid doesn’t like putting their shoes out the night before to find an early Christmas treat left in them in the morning?!) Advent is another tradition my husband and I started when we were engaged. Now that we have he kids it seems to evolve more and more each year. We really enjoy our advent calendar that turns into a Jesse Tree and our wreath that holds a candle we light each day leading up to Christmas! We added a ‘need jar’ this year to pray for a need someone may have each night we light a candle (let’s just say this mama got tired real quick of hearing on repeat every toy my son was wanting…so decided to try shifting the focus!) I just love the anticipation this time of year holds. Thanks for sharing!

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