4 Week Slim Leg Series W/ Joanna Rabon- Workout #1


I am SO excited (Well aren’t I always excited? haha) to introduce someone who has been a fitness inspiration to me personally for years AND she happens to be a friend of mine! Introducing….. JOANNA RABON. First, Joanna performed professionally with Pacific Northwest Ballet, North Carolina Dance Theater, Nevada Ballet Theater, and Cirque du Soleil. She began aerial arts while dancing on cruise ships with Royal Caribbean International and has been training specifically for aerial since. She is very passionate about bringing high-level qualities of a trained dancer into the world of circus; in movement, lines and musicality. Joanna currently performs and travels as both a freelance dancer and aerialist, and works as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and dance instructor all over the south Denver area.

You guys, Joanna is INCREDIBLE and super sweet! I can almost guarantee you that you will not only get great workouts in the next few weeks but you’ll also be inspired by her. Her love of dance, movement & really just all things in the area of fitness always spark something in me to want to press in more which is one of the reasons why I wanted Joanna to be a part of the Sparrows Apple Community! I know that you’ll enjoy these and am excited to hear all of your feedback every week. If you live in the Denver area, you should definitely hit her up for some personal training or head to one of her Barre classes. I know I would be be if I lived in that area! 🙂 You can contact Joanna directly here.

Today Joanna has provided for us a follow-along workout for lean, strong, and slim legs! Do this anywhere, no equipment needed, and get a great workout in under 30 minutes.



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