4 Keys To Turning Up Your Sexy

Every woman wants to know how you can turn up your sexy, right?! I mean lets face it.. if your trying to catch the eye of  that perfect guy, you’re going to try to turn up your sexy a bit. If you’re married (Key Note: Without Kids) you’re always trying to find different ways that you can surprise your husband by turning up your sexy in different ways and its fairly easy, right? What about after having had kids? {Radio Silence…} Lets just call out the elephant in the room and be really honest here! Turning up your sexy after having kids is freaking HARD! You may have lost some focus on keeping up with yourself, you might not want to put on that lingerie anymore because your body looks so different, you’re wearing undies from forever ago and/or your wearing the most comfortable underwear you can find which are more than likely not super cute. (My hand is raised on this one FOR SURE!!!) You definitely don’t even want to be bothered getting any new bras because you have no clue what size you are due to the frequent boob fluctuations you face when breastfeeding and then when you’re done breastfeeding you can care less on buying them a new bra so you make the ones you have work. All of your clothes are likely not fitting you correctly or they aren’t fitting the “new you” that your body has become after having those babies. Am I hitting home with any of you yet? Listen.. I get it! I WAS HANDS DOWN THAT WOMAN!!  Thats why I am sharing with you ‘4 Keys to turning up your sexy’! Alright, are you ready to dive in?! here we go…





Rocking a red lip can be a mystery to some. If you are that person, don’t fret, I have a good friend of mine who happens to be a professional Makeup Artist, Lauren Lancaster, jot down a few helpful tips to help you rock a red lip!! Here ya go!

-Don’t line your lips!! Blot out the edges with the warmth of your finger tips
-Make it more modern and choose a matte formula
-Keep your eyes super simple
-Set with a touch of powder around the edges to keep on through the night

Okay ladies… How many of those tips did you actually know?! haha I feel like I’ve been doing it all wrong but not anymore!! If you take on Lauren’s advice and rock that red lip, send us some pictures and tag us on instagram! We would love to see.


You guys… I shamefully have to admit that I was definitely riding the struggle bus with this one. However, I was determined to change that the moment I heard of Bootaybag. First off, I already despise undergarment shopping. My husband can attest to this statement! Every time I went to buy undergarments, even before having kids I hated it. In my mind, Id really much rather be spending this money on a cute shirt or a pair of shoes. So needless to say… My undergarments were long-lasting and my husband HATED it! Heres what I didn’t understand… There is So much power in in putting on some cute underwear & bra that actually fit you correctly. Ill never forget the day I decided to surprise my husband for his birthday with a sexy but comfortable bra and undies from Victoria secret. I kid you not.. I put them on and it instantly made feel sexy, strong, refreshed! Who doesn’t want to feel like that right?! In just a moment I felt like a new woman. What was supposed to be just a surprise for my husband, turned out to be more of a surprise for me! haha. So, Throw away those nasty granny panties! If you’re anything like me and can’t stand going out shopping for undergarments than you need to sign up for Bootaybag immediately. You are guaranteed 2 pairs of cute underwear in your mailbox every month. My suggestion to you is for every pair you receive, throw away 2 pairs of your old! Its sounds so funny, but something as small as new underwear can really do something to your confidence and your level of sexy. Not only that but I’m sure your significant other might be doing the happy dance that he doesn’t have to see those grannies anymore!


I feel like there are 2 types of women out there… 1 being the kind that are terrified of even the word “wax” and don’t want anything to do with it so they decide to shave everything. Then there is the other woman who goes to those hard waxing places and always leaves feeling like they just took a beating to their lady parts all for the sake of maintenance. I personally have done both and nothing compares to what I am getting ready to share with you! When I first got married, I was a shaver.. I shaved everything (or so I thought). Listen ladies, in my experience its just damn near impossible to shave EVERYTHING yourself. You’re bound to have those hairs somewhere in a place that you probably dont see on a consistent basis that your significant other probably DOES see and they may or may not tell you that its there! Not only that but if you’re like me, you have a hard enough time trying to find the time to have a decent shower let alone having to add that whole crazy shaving circus routine, right?! Than once I was over being the shaver I turned to waxing. “Go to brazillian wax center” they said, “It doesn’t hurt that bad” they said…. okay, I have a pretty high pain tolerance and even I felt like my hoo ha was taking a beating. In the end I just felt bruised and on top of it my hairs weren’t even completely gone! Um, Hi, I don’t want to feel like I’m being abused and then discover that my hairs are only half gone after that process! But somehow you keep going all for the sake of  beauty I guess.. that it of course until I was introduced to SugaringLA. Im not joking you guys.. I will never turn back to shaving or waxing ever again. Sugaring is like a gentle ball of wax if you will, with all natural ingredients. It exfoliates your skin while ripping out the hair follicle, is a much gentler process on your skin and do you want to know what the best part about it is? Its way less painful and your skin feels like a babies bottom afterwards! Ladies, you MUST try sugaring & give your men something they can’t resist! You will 100% feel like a new woman, walking in confidence that you don’t have spontaneous hairs peeking out in places you don’t know about and/or you’re not having to pretend like your not in pain from your waxing experience. If you’re a Socal local you definitely need to hit up SugaringLA. They currently have 5 locations: Santa monica, Manhattan Beach, W. Hollywood, Encinitas & Carlsbad. Find the one nearest to you and pay them a visit. I promise they will not disappoint! Also if you’re signed up in my email list there may be a special discount to SugaringLA waiting for you in there. 🙂


Last but certainly not least is my favorite topic… SHOPPING!!! This key is just as important to turning up your sexy as buying new undies! What a new outfit can do for your sexy meter is amazing and beats wearing the same leggings and t-shirt everyday, right?! If you’re a mom than you may struggle with what I like to call the “selfless syndrome”. Most of us have been there where its few and far between that you’re buying anything for yourself  because you keep getting sucked into the world of cute children’s clothes. Well ladies.. Its time to focus on YOU right now!! Thats why I am running a Valentines giveaway on my instagram and Facebook with a gift card to one of my FAVORITE places… Target! Let me help you contribute to turning up your sexy with adding something new to your closet! After all, we should be allowed to be selfish once in a while, right?!

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  1. Love you and all these tips! I started waxing a year ago and go religiously once a month! Life changer! And Love a bold lip always – duh!

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