3 Ways To Wear A Swing Dress

I recently got this fun dark blue Swing dress from Pink Blush and thought I’d share a few different ways that you could dress up or dress down a piece that seems super basic. The best part is that you don’t really need much to change up an outfit, so if you’re one of those who just has no clue what to do when it comes to making 1 dress work for 2-3 occasions than this blog post will be perfect for you!


1) Running Errands, want to look cute but also still feel comfortable and cool? That’s how I feel every time I run errands! I don’t always want to rock the leggings and a baggy tee when I’m running around though. Sometimes I want to look a bit more put together. So I took the swing dress, threw on a cute short vest (which used to be a jacket by the way and I just cut the sleeves off) and paired it with some white comfy shoes, threw my hair up in a high pony (Because that’s in now right?!) and added a bandana. BOOM!! So cute, Easy and comfy. 
2) Going out on a hot date or a night on the town? The best part about dress’s like this one is that you can easily go from running errands to changing a few accessories and now your a bit more dressed up and ready for a date! For this night look I changed my shoes to a pair of block heels, paired it with a bulky necklace, put my hair down and curled it. DONE! Ready for my hot date!! 
3) This one is one of my favorites. You can totally use your swing dress for an easy swim cover-up! Especially when the swing dress is nice and soft, it gives you the air flow that you need to be in the sun but doesn’t overheat you. Again you can easily go from running errands to just throwing on a bathing suit underneath and nw you’re ready for the pool all in the same dress.

Who knew that you could get so many outfits out of one piece right?! Here’s the kicker… This Pinkblush dress isn’t even maternity so I can totally rock this after this baby boy is born! You all know I am always about that!!

If you’re looking for a great swing dress with pockets, head to pink blush and check this piece out. I promise you, it’ll be a great addition to your summer closet!

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