3 Things I’ve Learned In 2018

Looking back at 2018, there were 3 things that I repeatedly had to overcome throughout the year. They might sound silly to you when you read them but for me, they were legit fears! You hear that? Key word: WERE!! They were also all things I never thought that I would overcome. Maybe you will identify with some of these.

3 things i’ve learned In 2018 


Growing up I was always afraid of taking risks because of the thousands of “what if’s”. Truth be told.. that’s one of the main reasons why I had no problem not having sex before marriage. I always had this feeling that I would be that girl who would get pregnant my very first time! Like a 1 and done situation. I know what you’re probably thinking “Oh no, you were one of those Christian girls?!” Yes, yes I was.. and I still carry absolutely no shame in it. I actually 100% stand by & believe in saving yourself for marriage. However, I wish that a fear wouldn’t have been one of the top reasons why I saved my virginity but that’s a topic for another day..

Okay.. now that Ive literally taken a rabbit trail down a different path— let me hop right on back to what I was initially talking about, RISKING. It’s scary. It’s unknown and it can turn into a complete disaster but the reward through risk is strength if nothing else. Even if you’re not victorious after taking a risk, you’ve still gained in some capacity. This past year has taught me some things for sure but I’ve not regretted one decision that I have made!


In the past, Ive always just settled for whatever was the first thing someone was willing to give or offer me. Even when I felt that I’m worth more than that. From jobs I’ve worked up to even now. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that even writing this makes me uncomfortable because its still very much something that I’m overcoming. I normally leave negotiating up to my husband because it makes me feel weird but I also know that it has a lot to do with your worth & value. Launching Sparrows Apple was all about stepping out of my comfort zone which also meant— my fear of negotiating will have to come to an end. I was about to meet that fear head on and slay it! Launching Sparrows apple meant that I have to show confidence in my worth, ask for more sometimes OR even declining!! {What?!} Like I said, Ive by no means mastered this but I have definitely taken a step in the right direction and over time I know that Ill just get stronger and stronger.


I used to hate getting pictures taken of me! Once again, all of that changed moment I decided to be a bloggger/influencer where people need to actually see my face and not just my family. I even recently started taking the advice of Jenna Kutcher and posting the majority of all of my posts with my face in them because it challenges me to get more comfortable with being in front of the lens! I went from the picture taker to the “Babe, will you take a photo of me?!” My husband is my camera guy and one of my biggest supporters in breaking free in this area!

So here we are— 2019 — Y’all I feel it in my bones so much MORE personal and business growth this year. It’s kind of scary to even write this out because the little voice that likes to feeds negative thoughts in my ear and says “If you say to everyone its going to be amazing and your business doesn’t grow than you’re going to look stupid”. While that may be true, I’m willing to take the RISK and throw it out there anyways because I believe in it that much!

Here’s to 2019 being a year of declarations fullfilled and fears being crushed!


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