26 Week Pregnancy Confessions

I cannot believe that I am already 26 weeks into this pregnancy! The time sure is speeding by much faster than my other 2 and i’ve definitely got some pregnancy confessions to make. Its amazing how after chasing 2 toddlers all day long you don’t really have time to focus on the fact that you have a growing baby in my belly. Let alone a baby BOY!!! Surely, some of you moms of multiple children can relate, right?!

So here’s my 26 week pregnancy confessions with baby BOY Coryell..


  1. How do I feel?
    • Always, always, ALWAYS tired! I mean, I fake it pretty well but lets just be honest.. there is nothing energetic about putting on more lbs weekly and besides the weight… These dark circles under my eyes don’t lie! Concealer has been my BFF & if you know me, I don’t even wear makeup a lot. Other than those things, I feel golden!!
  2. Do you have a name for the baby?
    • We have decided on the first name for the baby but have not landed on a middle name. We thought we knew his name but after discussing it and not agreeing with each other (which has never happened) we decided to go back to the drawing board and start all over again. We are pretty big on the names of our kids and want to make sure that we get it right! Im not exactly sure why baby boys name is SO much harder to agree on than the girls..
    • There was a moment of slight panic when my doctor was only 80% sure that we were having a boy. He has ALWAYS been 100% confident with the girls so this one was new for me and sent me into a bit of anxiety. I would dream of me having a c-section and him puling the baby out and laughing saying… Well Ash, heres your baby GIRL! Seriously, Worst nightmare for a planner like me.
  4. Weight Gain:
    • In the beginning I was barely showing, then all of the sudden it was like I woke up and the baby decided to say hello to the world with a vengeance! I felt like I was packing it on super quick. Although, everyone around me would reassure me that I was “small” only your fellow pregnant woman could understand the feeling. Now I feel like the weight has slowed down a bit, thank GOD. I still think that this baby might end up like Haven, Almost a 10lb’er. Only time will tell! One things for sure is that this baby has some looooong legs and loves to use em’.
  5. Nesting:
    1. Im going to be really honest.. we are so NOT prepared for this baby yet! However, I am determined to change that and have created a solid plan to start going through our home, getting rid of things, organizing and start welcoming all things baby again because of course I got rid of pretty much everything like I always do. Thankfully, after having had 2 babies I know that you don’t need a ton of “stuff”. No matter what, I know we will survive even if nothing really changes at the moment. However, with that being said, seeing as this is my last baby, there is something in me that wants to splurge and have all the nice things & I don’t know… maybe replace the Britax carseat thats seen 2 babies through that phase of life and get a newer one that doesn’t look like its 4 years old? Thats not horrible, right?!

Seeing as I am a little more than halfway through this pregnancy and I still have a ton to do, I am still trying to soak in every little kick that he gives (He’s a pretty quiet baby just like his sister Emberleigh), Embrace the body changes and all that the season of pregnancy gives you because this is more than likely our last baby! Just typing that makes it a little more real. THIS IS THE LAST CHILD I WILL EVER BIRTH?! wow… Im not even going to go into that right now because it will send me into a whole other emotional state haha.

Cheers to being 26 weeks pregnant, super emotional, having my one and only son AND having a ton of confessions to make!





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